>Safe Deposit Box Break-in Cases

>Week 8.1 Safe deposit Box. Break in Cases

Maybank Finance Taman Cheras. 2nd March 1995 till 6th March 1995
Court Cases. Susan Cheah Vs Maybank Finance
If you have time, do read the article. Here is the summary,
The alarm from the strong room did ring on March 3, but the CMS security people and police unable to go inside the bank because the two key holders of the bank premises cannot be contacted (none of the officer are available).
The defendant did not take steps to reinforce the floor of the safe deposit box room. The defendant was also not advised to connect the room floor to the alarm system.
There is no infra-red motion detector on the floor of the strong room. No evidence that a security expert was employed to ensure the safety of the plaintiffs’ valuable.
Banks. (taken from Newspaper archive)
MBF Jalan Tukang, Kajang.
On June 21, 1993, burglars entered the MBf branch in Jalan Tukang, Kajang, by making a hole in the wall.
In the incident, which occurred during the Maal Hijrah holidays, the burglars used oxy-acetylene torches to cut through the vault and enter the strongroom. They emptied 130 of the 1,017 safe deposit boxes and took about RM200,000 kept in the room.
Although the exact amount of losses incurred by the customers was never disclosed, it was reported to have run into millions of ringgit.
Following a public outcry, the customers were offered compensation, but the total payout was not made public.
Public Bank. Sri Kembangan Oct 24. 2006
After gaining entry by drilling through the ceiling, the gang emptied 92 of the 708 safe deposit boxes of the Public Bank branch.
Selangor police chief DCP Datuk Ismail Omar said this took place at the five-storey MCA building. Public Bank occupies the ground floor and the first and second floors.
“The burglars entered the building through the back door about 5am and made their way up the staircase to the third floor,” Ismail said.
It is understood that on the third floor, which is leased by a solicitor, the burglars broke the grill and made their way in.
They drilled a hole, measuring 0.3m in diameter, on the floor and one of them lowered himself with a rope to the second floor where the strong-room is located.
It is learnt that there were no closed-circuit television cameras in the bank.
At Press time, the losses suffered by depositors had not been estimated as the bank tried to ascertain which boxes had been broken into and what they contained.
The break-in was discovered when an alarm signal was detected by an officer on duty at the Public Bank headquarters in Jalan Ampang.
The officer called the police as well as despatched a security guard to the branch.
It was discovered that safe deposit boxes had been prised open and the room was in a mess with documents strewn on the floor.
“The bank has not been able to make a calculation of the losses and they are still working on the matter,” Ismail told newsmen at the district police headquarters here yesterday.
Police are investigating why the Central Monitoring System in the building failed to detect the entry of the burglars when they went through the back door.
Police seized several tools, including an electric drill.
Other Cases.
In April 1995, burglars bored their way into a Tenaga Nasional branch office and carted away a safe containing RM70,000 in cash and cheques in Taman Midah, Cheras.
During the Hari Raya holidays last year, burglars broke into the Perwira Habib Bank branch in Subang Jaya after disconnecting the alarm system and took RM64,220 from the ATM.
This article is taken from The Star Online (Wednesday December 20, 2006)     
KAJANG: Burglars drilled a hole through the wall of a goldsmith’s shop in Taman Taming Jaya here and carted away RM1mil worth of jewellery during the early hours of Monday.
The break-in appears similar to the Oct 24 theft at the Seri Kembangan Public Bank branch, where thieves escaped with more than RM500,000 in jewellery and other valuables. In the latest case, the burglars drilled a hole measuring 1.5m by 1m wide through the rubbish chute behind the shop, which led into the washroom of the premises.
Once in, the burglars disabled the alarm, telephone and CCTV before drilling at least 18 holes measuring as small as 4.5cm each through the concrete wall of the vault located next to the washroom. They used their hands to scoop out jewellery worth RM1mil and only left behind some worth about RM600.
Five workers, who were staying on the second floor of the three-storey building, slept through the burglary.
Kajang OCPD Asst Comm Rusli Mohd Nizam said police believed that at least three to four people, including one who had stood guard near the rubbish chute, were involved in the burglary that was believed to have occurred between midnight on Sunday and early Monday morning.
He said the workers only discovered the burglary when they opened for business at about 9.30am. “Our investigations show that the CCTV had not recorded any image of the burglary while the security alarm did not go off as the burglars had cut off the wires.
“However, we have lifted at least five fingerprints from the premises,” he said in a press conference here yesterday. It was learnt that police also found tools, believed to have been used by the thieves, in the shop.

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